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Keeping Customers Versus Getting Customers

Written By Alerus Small Business Connect, September 6, 2013

Customer ServiceMany times it really is true: A picture’s worth a thousand words. How about an infographic? You know, a chart or diagram used to represent information or data. Hold that thought. When we’re talking about customers, we often focus on getting new ones rather than keeping the ones we have. At the core of keeping customers is customer service. There’s a big (and that’s an understatement) difference between how companies think they’re doing at customer service and what customers actually think. Now, back to that infographic. Check out this one from that shows how “A Customer Saved is a Penny Earned.”


Are You Driving Customers Away?

Written By Alerus Small Business Connect, August 2, 2013

It’s no secret to small business owners that the name of the game simply isn’t to attract customers – it’s to keep them. Gary Edwards knows a thing or two on the topic. He’s the chief customer officer (great title, isn’t it?) for Empathica, a leading global provider of customer experience management (CEM) solutions. Customer experience solutions? Yes, customer experience solutions. Gary recently outlined five ways that small businesses might actually be alienating their customers.


The Seven Letters of Customer Service

Written By Alerus Small Business Connect, April 20, 2012

110715439Have you heard of Michael Hess? He’s the founder and CEO of Skooba Design, a designer of exquisite cases and accessories for tech travelers. He says he’s “obsessed to the point of insanity” with customer service. We like him already.

Michael contributes to CBS MoneyWatch, and his latest article caught our attention. He says that great customer service starts with seven letters. It so happens that the letters spell empathy.

Early in the article Michael acknowledges that there’s no shortage of information available on the topic of customer service. His take on how empathy can take good customer service to great is what makes this article different. And it’s what made us want to share it with you. Enjoy.


Six Words You Can’t Run Your Business Without

Written By Alerus Small Business Connect, January 20, 2012

Imagine that you’ve recently experienced less than stellar customer service. You’ve called the business. Which of these statements would you rather hear from the other end of theSupport phone operator in headset, isolated on white telephone?

A mundane “Let me see what I can do” or an enthusiastic “I’d be delighted to help you”?

Words are powerful. They can mean everything. There’s a big difference between “I can” and “I will”.

So what are these six magic words that are essential to your business? Are they words you’ve never heard of? Not at all; they’re amazingly common.

Think “yes” and “sorry”. Wondering what the other four words are? Read on and learn more about solid customer service strategies.

Information was compiled from an article that appeared on CBS Money Watch.


You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know- Part 2

Written By Alerus Small Business Connect, January 13, 2012

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Part 2 of 2

In Monday’s post, we discussed The Iceberg of Ignorance. As a refresher: The theory indicates that senior leaders often fail to understand business operations from the perspective of the customers and employees.

So, what’s the secret to senior leadership staying in the loop as related to customer issues? While it’s not rocket science, these four tips can be imperative to building trust with 102109290employees and ultimately delivering great customer service:

  1. Spend time talking to employees – do you have a structured process in place for talking with employees so that front-line issues are addressed?
  2. Collect and analyze performance data – do you have this fundamental management practice – no matter the size of your business – in place?
  3. Manage by walking around – when was the last time you walked around the office and mingled with employees?
  4. Test the service or product – walk the walk, talk the talk

Today’s customers are impatient. Why wait around for your company to “fix” the customer experience when another company – the one that’s listening to and addressing front-line concerns from customers and employees – would be happy to step in and help? Dive deeper into the four tips above, and make awareness one of your top customer service goals for 2012.

Information was compiled from an article that first appeared in Service Untitled and other online sources.


How to Create a Memorable Customer Experience with Social Media

Written By Alerus Small Business Connect, November 16, 2011

There’s an old customer service adage that goes something like this: when a customer experiences great service, he or she may tell one or two people. When a customer experiences bad service, he or she will tell 10 people. At least.

Now, think of that adage as it relates to social media. Praise travels at a speed that can make your head spin. Somehow complaints seem to travel even faster.

So, what can you do to ensure that you can create a memorable customer experience on social media? What can you do to turn a customer’s frown upside down?

Here are seven guidelines:social media tree

  1. Give Your Customers a Place to Talk
  2. Integrate Social Media Into Your Customer Service
  3. Activate Your Existing Customer Base
  4. Be Proactive
  5. Reward Influencers
  6. Create Compelling Content
  7. Stand Out From the Crowd

Dig a little deeper into the guidelines, and you’ll be on your way to making memorable customer moments with social media.

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