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Data protection

If your business lost its data, would it survive?

Written By NetWork Center
If your business lost its data, would it survive?

If your business lost its data, would it survive? Odds are, no.

Research tells the story: 60 percent of small businesses that lose data in an Information Technology (IT) disaster do not survive. Even a short-term IT setback can cause permanent damage: Most businesses can tolerate less than 24 hours of technology downtime before operations also suffer.

You've insured your people, places and products: What about your data? Computer failures, viruses, encryption breaches, accidents and natural disasters all threaten business data-and business survival. That's why many small business owners use a managed services firm to protect their business data and recover from IT failures with very little downtime.

Continuity, backup, recovery

Managed services IT firms offer a variety of security services for PCs, servers, networks and other elements to keep your business running without interruption, including timely, secure backups and proven contingency plans to recover data if a disaster does occur.

IT security services may include:

  • Secure file transfer service

  • Content filtering

  • Virus protection

  • Secure PC disposal

  • Backup

    • Automatic backups on a schedule to fit your business

    • Restoring files

    • Roll-backs

    • Remote file access

    • Off-site storage

    • Short- and long-term archiving

  • Disaster planning and recovery

    • Security assessment, planning

    • Penetration testing

    • On-site and off-site services

    • Backup for operating systems, data

    • Remote data storage

    • Data protection hardware

    • Cloning of hard drives

As your business grows, most IT security firms adjust your levels of protection and broaden your recovery plans, so your data-and your business-is safe to thrive.

IT security services protect your data from daily threats-and have plans in place to handle larger disasters, allowing your small business to operate and grow without worry. Consider contacting an IT security services firm. They're small businesses just like yours, looking to provide peace of mind so you focus on your success.

Author NetWork Center:

NetWork Center, Inc. is a complete technology solution provider with offices in Fargo, ND and Grand Forks, ND. We specialize in providing industry specific technology products, service, support and expertise for small to medium businesses. With our commitment to providing proactive services, responsible innovation, and dedicated customer support, we have grown to become one of the largest computer networking companies in the Upper Midwest.

For information about our products and services visit: www.netcenter.net

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